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    radar monitoring uretek for intervention consolidation artifacts


    Our technologies are always integrated with specific systems to monitor the structures being restored.

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    sims uretek calculation software for land consolidation interventions planning

    SIMS 2.0 software

    We design soil consolidation interventions with Geoplus® resin using sophisticated calculation software that we developed in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Turin.

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    research development consolidation foundation ground

    Research and Development

    We are an innovative company. We promote the development of patented technologies and progress in construction.

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    technologies uretek expanding resins


    Our technologies are patented, quick, and perfect for conservation. We use resin injections to restore structures.

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    multipoint injections uretek expanding resins

    Multipoint system

    We have patented a unique resin-injection system for the uniform treatment of foundation soil.

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    Optimization of injections with geoelectric tests

    We can study the soil being treated, measuring its resistance to identify the best points of injection and the best amount of resin to inject at each point, ensuring uniform treatment.

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    uretek technical documentation

    Technical documentation

    If you are a designer, engineer, technician, or you would simply like to find out more:

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