We stabilize walls and retaining structures

    What is your need?  

    Collapsed or bowed retaining wall?
    Subsidence of retaining walls with a road above or below?
    Subsidence of excavation walls?
    Little lift of the retaining wall surface?

    We stabilize walls and retaining structures using injections of expanding resin

    To contrast the push from the ground, we have designed Uretek MicroAnchors®, a solution that relies on small anchors arranged in a regular grid on the surface of retaining structures to stop displacement and deformations of the soil.

    Even if they are small, the stainless-steel anchors have a useful lifetime that fully complies with the standards. In addition, the flexibility of the individual elements allows the material to be moved completely by hand, and the small diameter of the resistant elements allow for the use of manual drills. We can therefore work in tight or hard-to-reach places compared to traditional anchors and our solution can also be applied to walls of a modest thickness or in poor condition, which is not possible with traditional tie rods.

    This solution is very versatile and particularly adapted to existing constructions and those consisting mainly of structures inadequate for supporting the push of the terrain. Uretek’s MicroAnchors® solution follows the principles of speed, non-invasiveness, and reduced cost, which underlie the Uretek Solutions Group philosophy.









    The advantages of structural consolidation with the MicroAnchors® system

    • No waste
    • Maintains the aesthetics of the masonry
    • Small work site: no scaffolding or need to block traffic
    • Complete filling of voids and aggregation of structural elements
    • Micro anchors are less invasive than traditional tie rods
    • The resin that forms the bulb in Uretek MicroAnchors® is stable over time, independent of the surrounding conditions, and is produced exclusively by Uretek.

    Containment walls, embankment walls, bulkheads

    • Supporting walls, excavation faces, embankments, historical buildings, and older constructions
    • Subways, galleries, tunnels, locks, and careening basins
    • Securing structures, increasing lift, support, reinforcement of excavation walls, retaining walls

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