Our commitment for more than 30 years

    Uretek has always been described as an innovative company, due to its constant focus on technology and progress in the field of construction.

    For more than thirty years, we have supported traditional methods of consolidation with innovative solutions and technologies related to the injection of different mixtures.

    Our effort and constant commitment to research, testing, and proposing new products and processes has always placed Uretek a step ahead in the world of stabilization.

    By employing people dedicated exclusively to research and development, we have acquired a high level of knowledge about construction materials and injection mixtures over time, as well as all related aspects, especially in the area of consolidation.

    All this has resulted in the acquisition and development of new methods for control and verification, tools to monitor structures, and equipment designed and built specifically to meet new needs and ensure the success of our interventions.

    One of the most representative indices of a company’s dedication to innovation is undoubtedly the number of patents it holds. Uretek holds a good 12 patents.

    We have always maintained that no single material can meet all the requirements of a given technology, which is why we have worked over time to test new products and improve those currently in use.

    Pressure and volumetric coefficient of expansion, reaction time, viscosity, and application temperature are just some of the important properties of expanding materials used in consolidation. This is why we use about five different expanding resins daily for stabilization, as well as a specific expanding resin and saturating gel for waterproofing interventions. Each resin has given characteristics that best meet the goals set by our consolidation technologies.

    Injecting a material into soil or masonry without fully understanding its properties can be counterproductive. The same can be said if the injected materials are not properly controlled and managed. Over time, we have considered it important to design and build machinery and control devices capable of heating, mixing, and injecting materials based on the characteristics of the substrate and medium into which they are injected.

    An essential aspect during consolidation relates to monitoring and control. The integration of our laser monitoring systems with radar interferometry enables continuous monitoring of numerous points on the structure. For long-term monitoring, we have developed and patented a battery-powered system to detect movements along two axes.

    Our commitment to guaranteeing the success of the consolidation also relates to checking the results. In addition to more traditional control instruments, we have added increasingly technological and innovative tools over time to automatically detect and store an increasing number of parameters.

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