Recovery of planarity for airport paving

    LOCATION: ‘Valerio Catullo’ Airport – Verona (VR) – Italy
    DURATION OF WORK: 4 days working at night


    Sinking of the court surface


    Recovering the flatness 765 sq. m of airport paving with injections of Uretek Geoplus® expanding resin and the Uretek Floor Lift® technology

    The Verona-Villafranca ‘Valerio Catullo’ airport, located between Villafranca di Verona and Sommacampagna, is about 12 km from the centre of Verona. Previously used as a military airport, it became a civil airport open to commercial traffic in September 2008.


    The reinforced concrete slabs, with a thickness of 20–25 mm, constitute the paving of the runways and aeroplane parking areas, but showed cracks and differential subsidence between slabs in some areas. The subsidence reached a maximum of about 30 mm. The subsidence was attributed to variations in the volume of surface soil that had been replaced and/or reworked due to ‘pumping’ at the joints and washout caused by water infiltration in the cracks.

    Customer needs
    It was urgent and necessary to support and consolidate the pavement without stopping normal airport operations while guaranteeing total safety at all times.

    Why the Uretek solution was chosen:

    • Speed 
      Careful planning and programming of the times allowed the work to be completed in just a few days. The treated area can be used within a few days following the intervention;
    • Non-invasive
      The Uretek team worked during the night without disrupting normal airport operations;
    • Clean Intervention
      excavations or masonry work were not necessary, and it did not dirty the area or produce waste;
    • Continuous monitoring of the work
      Both during and after the intervention, the activities were subject to control by highly qualified personnel using laser technology;
    • Application of the exclusive Uretek Floor Lift® technology
      A special expanding resin with high swelling pressure is injected into the soil, compacting it and stabilizing the structures. Complete saturation of the voids under the slabs. Restoration of the flatness of the paving.
    • Respect for the environment 
      Above-ground mixing of the Uretek® resin creates a final inert product that does not release solvents into the soil or possible water tables in the area. 


    We applied the Uretek Floor Lift® technology, which is based on a special expanding resin. We injected the resin into the ground under the concrete base of the slabs. With its immediate expansion, we completely saturated the voids and reinforced the underlying soil. Once full contact between the paving and subgrade had been restored, the resin continued to expand, lifting the paving and recovering its flatness.
    We carefully monitored and regulated the lift with laser levels capable of detecting even millimetric movement of the slabs. We stabilized about 765 sq. m of airport paving in about 4 days, working at night from 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. The ability to use the treated area within just a few hours following the intervention is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated advantages of the Uretek Floor Lift® technology.