The solution is Uretek Water Barrier® to stop infiltrations from structures in the ground

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    Water infiltrations affect both old and new structures in contact with the ground. On the walls of cellars, garages, basements, galleries, etc. their effects are often visible.

    WATER BARRIER the unique and patented solution that definitively eliminates infiltrations with the double action of expanding resin and saturating gel.

    The URETEK Water Barrier technician carries out an analysis of the infiltrations to know the entity and the causes that generated them and evaluates the applicability of the Water Barrier method for FREE. Where necessary, it can use state-of-the-art tools such as infrared thermal imaging cameras and digital hygrometers.

    In this case, the bridge below the railway embankment has water infiltrations throughout the arch against the ground. The goal is to eliminate water infiltrations from underground walls.

    We proceed using 2 components:
    a special expanding resin with high penetration power in the ground thanks to the ability to increase its volume up to 30 times compared to the initial one to fill the macro-vacuums and a saturating gel, very fluid and stable over time, able to solidify in about a minute , to fill the smallest gaps.

    After a brief preparation of the equipment, the intervention begins with the drilling of holes with a diameter of 12 millimeters according to a regular grid pattern. Particular injectors are then inserted into the holes that will be used to introduce the resin and the gel into the ground behind the wall.

    First of all, thanks to special pumps designed by URETEK, the expanding resin is injected into the ground, then the saturating gel is injected until it completely comes out of the structure, guaranteeing the complete filling of the micro vacuums, into the ground behind the masonry.

    Operating on existing buildings, the Water Barrier by URETEK technology represents a NON-INVASIVE, FAST AND CONVENIENT SOLUTION compared to conventional technologies.