The solution is with Uretek MicroAnchors®: Expanding resins and micro anchors.

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    Anchor rods are structural elements generally used to stabilize supporting works such as bulkheads, walls or retaining walls and in general all those natural or artificial structures that cannot in themselves guarantee balance.

    The retaining wall of the Veraro di Stra canal, in the province of Venice, showed a general deterioration of the mortars with loss of cohesion of the same.

    Given the potential instability of the top part, with the showy cracks in the road pavement and the upper curb of the wall, it was decided to demolish and rebuild it while keeping the lower part of the wall: enlarged and in good condition.

    Given the narrow work space, Uretek's Microanchors technology was used to counteract the horizontal thrusts acting on the back of the support work, creating a row of anchors consisting of steel nails injected with Uretek expanding resins.

    1 - Passing through the pre-drilled holes set up in the reinforced concrete curb, the ground was drilled to a depth of about 5 m with an inclination of 25 ° with respect to the horizontal.

    2 - The micro anchors were placed in the holes, with a distance between centers of 50 cm, up to the project length

    3 - In the next phase, a special expanding resin was used which, coming out at the end of the injection tube, solidified the anchor with the ground.

    4 - Finally, the micro anchors were stringed by wedging the head in the distribution plate on the surface of the containment work. The extent of the draft was detected thanks to a jack connected to a load cell.

    Later the top part of the wall will be rebuilt with an exposed brick cladding.